Poklonnaya Hill
Poklonnaya Hill is the most significant monument constructed in honour of victory in the Great Patriotic War. Solemn opening of the Victory Memorial in Moscow was held on May, 9, 1995.

In February, 23, 1958 on Poklonnaya Hill a memorable granite sign was established with the inscription: "Here there will be a monument to the Victory of Soviet people in Great Patriotic War". Trees were planted around the place, park was layed named the Victory Park. For the whole complex a site of 135 hectares was allocated. A great work on designing, discussion and choosing the best project of the main monument to freedom began. At that time, however, the question remained unsolved as none of the projects submitted was accepted. Everything remained without changes until the general management of the construction of the Memorial was undertaken by the mayor of Moscow J. M. Luzhkov. And the construction, threatened to be broken, was completed for three years.

At present  the Memorial includes the 142 meter high main Victory Monument; the Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War of 1941–1945, covering an area of 33992 square meters, with an adjoining picture gallery; the Victory Park spreading over an area of 135 hectares; the Church of Great Martyr and Victory Bearer St. George, consecrated on May 6, 1995; The memorial Mosque built in 1997 in memory of servicemen-moslems perished in the War; the Memorial Synagogue to memorize Jews perished in the War and the Holocaust Memorial Museum opened in 1998; open-air exhibitions of weapons and combat equipment, including specimens of material of the navy and the railroad forces, and engineering structures.